Slack Commands

These commands must be run from Chef Software Slack.


The /expeditor promote command will trigger actions you have defined in your promote.actions configuration.

This command is only available to members of the release-promoters Slack user group.
/expeditor promote <PROJECT> <RELEASE_IDENTIFIER>

Promoting using an alias

If you have configured a project.alias in your Expeditor configuration file, you can specify that instead of your Agent ID.

Example Configuration for Agent chef/example-repo:master

  alias: example

    - noop:promote
    - unstable
    - stable

Example promotion using the Agent ID

/expeditor promote chef/example-repo:master unstable

Example promotion using the alias

/expeditor promote example unstable

Promoting Omnibus Artifacts

To promote your Omnibus artifact, you’ll want to your promote.actions to use the built_in:promote_artifactory_artifact action. Once that is set up, you can promote an Omnibus artifact by giving the /expeditor promote command the name of the corresponding agent or alias.

/expeditor promote chef/chef-manage:master 2.5.8

Promoting Channel-based Projects

For projects that do not have a version, and instead install from a head of a channel, you’ll need to specify the project and the name of the channel you want to promote from.

/expeditor promote <PROJECT> acceptance     # will promote packages _from_ acceptance _to_ current

Promoting Rubygems

When promoting a rubygem project, simply specify the agent associated with the project where the source code is kept, and the version of the gem you would like to promote.

/expeditor promote chef/mixlib-install:master X.X.X

If you need to promote a version of a gem that is on a non-master release branch, remember to specify the correct branch name in the command.

/expeditor promote chef/license_scout:1-stable 1.X.X

Subscribing a Slack Channel to an Event

Using the /expeditor subscribe command, you can subscribe a Slack channel to receive notifications when an event supported by built_in:notify_chefio_slack_channels occurs.

/expeditor notifications subscribe incident_status_updated:habitat:*

If you wish for a channel to no longer receive notifications, you can unsubscribe.

/expeditor notifications unsubscribe incident_status_updated:habitat:*

If you wish to see which notifications a channel is currently subscribed to, you can run the following command:

/expeditor notifications list

Package Router

For the given DEPNAME, show the version included in the current and stable channels of every package.

/expeditor package has-dep <DEPNAME>

List all dependencies of the given PACKAGE.

/expeditor package deps <PACKAGE>